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Our team has more than 55 years of aviation experience. Together, in various roles within major European Airlines, we know what it takes to be successful cabin crew and what airlines are looking for. Our dedicated team will ensure you can fulfil your full potential.

This experience comes from a varied background including the roles of Chief Instructor of Safety and Standards, Training Admin Manager, Cabin Crew Instructors and Examiners, Human Resources and Aviation Recruitment.

By pooling our knowledge and experience together in one team, we can help you achieve your dream of becoming cabin crew.

Our Cabin Crew Initial Training Course does not just deliver the bare minimum. Our team have gone above and beyond what is required to give you the best start to your career. While carefully creating our course, we have ensured that all topics are covered in an interactive and professional way.

Take your Seat

On one of our upcoming Dublin Training Courses:

Spring/Summer 2019

What You Learn

You will learn the following topics over our 10 day training course.

Aviation Regulation

General aviation knowledge, regulations and the duties of cabin crew.


Communication techniques, methods and systems on board aircraft.

Human Factors & CRM

Introduction to Human Factors training within an aviation environment.

Passenger Handling

The role of cabin crew, in normal and emergency situations.

First Aid

Aviation first aid, inflight medical emergencies and equipment.

Dangerous Goods

Awareness and response to the carriage of Dangerous Goods items.

Security Awareness

Understanding the need for Aviation Security in line with EC300/2008.

Fire & Smoke

The theory of fire and smoke and the use of fire-fighting equipment. *

* includes practical training


Principles and priorities of survival in different environments and equipment. *


Register your interest in one of our upcoming training courses.  One of our training team will contact you ASAP with all the details about the training course.


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