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Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I obtain/revalidate my Cabin Crew Attestation?
Since 2013, it is a requirement for all cabin crew to have a Cabin Crew Attestation. By getting your Cabin Crew Attestation before applying to an airline, it opens up more opportunities for you and gives you an advantage over other candidates. In many cases, it means the airline can put you on a shorter training course. If you haven’t used your Cabin Crew Attestation in the last 5 years, you would need to revalidate it by completing a Cabin Crew Initial Course.
Why should I train with CCE?
Our course (including examination) can be completed in under 2 weeks. We have vast experience in cabin crew training and recruitment. We know what works and what airlines are looking for. Our team can guide you to success.
What level of English do I need?
All applicants must have minimum ICAO English level 4. This will be tested this prior to you commencing the course to ensure you will understand the information.
What do I need to do before I start the course?
We ask you to complete 40 hours of pre-course study. We provide an interactive workbook and an electronic copy of our Cabin Crew Manual which will make the course much easier for you to understand.
Do I need a medical exam?
While you don’t need this to join our course, we recommend that you do obtain this from an approved Aero-medical Examiner. This will ensure you meet all the medical requirements to operate as cabin crew. Without a Cabin Crew Medical Certificate you cannot use your Cabin Crew Attestation.
Can you give me any tips to be successful in gaining a job as Cabin Crew?
All of our Instructors have operated as Senior Cabin Crew Members and so will share all of the experience they can to help you be successful. (As well as that, we also have experience in cabin crew recruitment, so can give you handy hints and tips to pass your interview).
How much studying will I have to do?
We recommend that you will study a minimum of 2 hours every night after class.
What are the examinations?
You will have 2 examinations made up of both multiple choice and open questions. The first will be Dangerous Goods. The second will be your Cabin Crew Initial Examination, which comprises of the remaining 8 topics. In addition, we will examine your practical first aid skills.
Who will teach my course?
We have a skilled team of Instructors who will deliver your training. Our instructors are fully committed, and there will be someone on hand to answer your query even after class.
What are the class times?
Class times will be flexible, but generally from 08:30-17:30. We expect you to be fully committed for 2 full weeks as extra study sessions and examinations could be at the weekend.
Can you help me with accommodation?
We can provide you with details of local accommodation.  We will also put you in touch with other trainees who are looking for accommodation.
How do I get my Cabin Crew Attestation?
Once you have successfully completed your course, you will to apply to the Irish Aviation Authority for the issue of your Cabin Crew Attestation. We will help you complete your application, and it takes a minimum of 15 working days.
Who regulates Cabin Crew Europe?
Cabin Crew Europe is regulated by the Irish Aviation Authority. Our approval number is IE.CCTO.006. The Irish Aviation Authority routinely audit Cabin Crew Europe to ensure we fully comply with European regulations and standards.
Where do I complete my practical training?
Each class will complete their practical training with one of our approved practical suppliers.


19 Grange Parade, Baldoyle

Dublin 13, Ireland

+353 (0)1 912 1969




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